What Motherboard Do I Have? Easy Steps To Check!

What Motherboard Do I Have? Easy Ways To Check!

What Motherboard Do you Have? Easy Ways To Check. To ensure that you are not doing anything illegal. it is imperative that you know what kind of motherboard do i have.

That is why it is always a good idea to check before you buy. There are many different motherboard types out there.

It is always a good idea to have some knowledge of the different motherboard types that you have.

Important thing to note that some motherboard models are for different specific purposes. You have to be familiar with what motherboard type your computer.

if you are looking to sell it. It is not laptops, desktop computers, and gaming PCs that have some kind of motherboard. Is it important for you to upgrade your old motherboard?

Or do you think you have a good one? Here is the way to check and if you don’t have one.Let’s check it out.

1.Physically Check Your Motherboard Type

You can do something simple like checking the model number of your motherboard. It has a number of different ways. It involves using a tool like a motherboard diagram.

A motherboard diagram is a great way to check. what motherboard type you have and so is checking the model number.

What Motherboard Do I Have? Easy steps To Check!

While the Motherboard diagram is a good way to check sometimes it is not possible. Keeping your motherboard diagram as simple as possible is very important.

When you are using a PC. There is no way to know for sure what kind of motherboard your computer has on it.

This is why we have to rely on physical means. To tell us what kind of motherboard we have installed on our computer.

You may have installed a motherboard on your computer that is called a Micro ATX. But this particular type of motherboard is not meant to use in every case.

The exact location of your model name will be on different locations of your motherboard because of its layout.

ASUS What Motherboard Do I Have Easy Ways To Check!

We have checked two different motherboards one is Asus and the other is Gigabyte both have the model numbers but in different locations. what kind of motherboard do i have.

Gigabyte What Motherboard Do I Have Easy Ways To Check!

You can check out by the physical method. you might be intrested in reading how to build a gaming pc

Popular Motherboard Manufacturers

  1. Biostar
  2. MSI
  4. ASUS

2.Check VIA Command prompt

The command prompt is a computer program running on your computer that allows you to perform advanced tasks.

Many people are intimidated by the command prompt and don’t know how to use it. You can get the command prompt to do things like check your system health.

Measure the temperature in your case, or even make software updates. All you have to do is open the command prompt. Type CMD into the window search function.

A black command prompt window will open. Then type wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer and tap enter. It will show motherboard manufacture and model number.

What Motherboard Do i have

3.System Information. what kind of motherboard do i have

You can check your computer motherboard information. Checking through system information Inside system information.

you can check all parts information like RAM, SSD/HDD, CPU, and PSU. To check system information type System Information in the window search function.

Or press the window key plus R a box will open. Then type msinfo32 and click enter. Whole system information is display.

Then scroll down and find the Baseboard manufacturer. You will see the brand and manufacture names.

Once you get all the information that you wanted. Now all you have to do is close the window.

One thing to note down is this method does not work for all user for whatever reason. All information is not displayed. You have to check all the above methods if it doesn’t work for you


Here Is all you have the complete guide you want to know about what motherboard you have on your computer.

Checking out your computer hardware is too much easy. Most people are completely no idea. What to do with all the hardware you see on your computer.

This article has all the information and guidance on how to find out what sort of motherboard you have on your PC. Which is a known fact that the motherboard is called the heart of the PC.

It is where all the hardware including the processor and other components that make up your PC sit.

Most people do not know what motherboard they have on their PC. All think that all motherboards are the same and that one is good enough for a work computer or a gaming machine. From this article, you may have learned a lot.

Hope this has helped a lot lets us know in the comment below we will get back to you soon. What Motherboard Do you Have.

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