WD Announces SanDisk ProBlade Modular SSD Ecosystem 2022

WD has announced most awaited news update about its new SanDisk Professional line with the ProBlade Modular SSD Ecosystem WD announces SanDisk ProBlade Modular SSD Ecosystem. These storage solutions are tailored to creatives who need quick access to massive amounts of data and fast file transfer speeds and they will be soon available from select retailers.

Mountable Storage for Videographers and Other Professionals

WD has announced the SanDisk ProBlade Modular SSD Ecosystem, designed to provide scalable storage for videographers and other creatives. The system consists of a ProBlade PCIe card and a series of ProBlade Modules which can be swapped out as needed.

The pro blade Mag is an SSD in casing form. It comes in three sizes which are 1TB, 2TB and 4TB with price range $180, $290 and $600. This PCI 3.0 NVMe is cable to write with the speed of 2600 MBps and 3000 MBps which is huge. It can bear 4000 lb crush from 3 meter height. The Pro-Blade is expected to be presented soon in June 2022. It has 2×2 connectivity and USB 3.2 gen with 2000 MBps write and read speed.

The system includes a new SD card reader, which is designed to work with the ProBlade SSDs to provide fast and reliable data transfer speeds. The reader is also compatible with other types of memory cards, making it a versatile storage solution for a variety of needs.

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WD announces SanDisk ProBlade Modular SSD Ecosystem

Fast SD Cards And Card Reader

The SanDisk ProBlade Modular SSD Ecosystem also announced that WD is also releasing New SD reader and micro SD card ranging from 64 GB to 1 TB with price range from $20 to $330.

 SanDisk ProBlade Modular SSD Ecosystem
The SanDisk pro SD reader and micro SD is will soon available. The news is that it is going to be offered in June 2022.

 SD Card Reader
The SanDisk Extreme Pro-class Speed is claimed to be 200 MBps, if it is true then it will be the fasted UHS-I SD and microSD memory cards ever available.WD announces SanDisk ProBlade Modular SSD Ecosystem. Stay tuned for more interesting news!

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