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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Review And Spec

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

Experience smooth and powerful gameplay with the GeForce rtx 3070 Ti . Maximize performance and efficiency through the power of NVIDIA Turing architecture that delivers lightning-fast rendering, unrivaled levels of detail, dynamic lighting effects and VR real-time ray tracing support.

Hit the ground running with the latest DirectX 12, Vulkan and OpenGL games with NVIDIA GPU Boost 3 acceleration. This GeForce 3070 rtx card perfectly combines peak gaming performance with impressive power efficiency.

GeForce rtx 370

The GeForce rtx 370 is one of the best powerful gaming GPU launched in September 2020. This GPU was designed on based of gaming user experience. The processor was built on 8nm, which is based on GA104 Graphic processor. This card can easily support direct X 12 and can run any sort of high end game easily.

The GA104 is based on large chip having 17400 million transistor and 392 mm2 of die area. The geforce 3070 ti is the next level. The 3070 rtx ti has 184 tensor core which help and improve the machine learning speed. The 3070 rtx has 46 raytracing core. The nvidia Geforce 3070 consist of 8 GB of memory which connect and use 256 bit memory.

It operate at 1500 MHz frequency and it can be increased upto 1725 MHz. maximum 220 watt is required to run this beast. Having 1 HDMI 2.1 and 3 display port the 3070 rtx can be connected to pc with PCI Express 4.0. The card length is 242mm. the launch price of this card was $500.

3070 rtx

If you are game lover and you want to play games at high frame rate you must try this beast. 3070 is specially designed for games. AA and AAA games can be run easily. For most of the gamer money does not matter all they need is the performance. Performance wise this card is one of the best option available.

GPU GA104 | Processor size 8nm | Transisitor 17400 million | die size 392 nm | clock speed 1500-1725 | Memory size 8 GB | GDR6 256 bit | Release Date 1 sep 2020 | Direct X 12 | Length 242mm |

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