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How To Recover Deleted Files: 6 Easy Solutions

How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 10.The Microsoft recycle bin found in the control panel of your computer is a valuable tool for recovering damaged files or files that you might have accidentally deleted. The bin contents are automatically emptied every time before taking a backup but if you have lost or deleted important files don not get panic. You can still find the deleted file with this simple guide.

If mistakenly file has been deleted on your computer then you can get it back with easy steps. Some of the important methods you can apply recover your deleted files. First try and know what happened to the files. If you only have a partial copy of the file you can use tools like Windows 10 File History or File Recovery Professional to help you reconstruct the file.

If you cannot recreate the file from the partial copy you can try to restore it from a backup. In some cases you may be able to restore the file from a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. After applying all steps that you knew but still not succeeded then you must need a professional data recovery service. Contact them and get the most important files that has been deleted.

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How To Recover Deleted File Using File History?

If you have deleted a file from your computer don’t worry you can easily recover deleted file from file history. File history stores all of the files that you have ever opened or modified on your computer so you can easily recover deleted file.

Recover Deleted File Using File History

1. Open File History in Windows 10.
2. Select the folder where the deleted file was located.
3. Now select the properties and then Right click the file.
4. You should now select the date and then click the history tab when the file was deleted.
5. Finally in last step you should simply click the restore button now all you folder will get recovered to same previous location.

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What Is The File History Feature Of Windows?

Windows 10 comes with a file history feature with this option you can recover all your mistakenly deleted file. To use the File History feature, first make sure that you have enabled it in Windows 10. To do this open the settings app now you go to the main part called system section.

On system section under storage click file history. If you have different driver installed then computer file history will show an option for each one. Under file history on this computer select enable file history. Click history settings and then restore files from last opened location. Select the disk or drive where you want to restore files from and then click restore.

After files have been restored they will be listed in the recent folders section of the file history window. You can also access files restored from file history by clicking their names in the file history window recent folders section.

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Scan For Recover Deleted Files

If you have deleted a file mistakenly you can often recover it by scanning your computer for recovered files. This process can help you find any files that were deleted in error and restore them to their original location. To scan for recovered files first open windows explorer and go to the required location where you want to search for files. In the left corner there is file recovery icon in window. Use it and recover it.

This will open the file recovery scanner. In the File recovery scanner select the type of file recovery you want to perform. Active data recovery to find deleted files that have been saved. Hidden files and folders recovery to find lost or hidden files or system files recovery to restore missing system files. Click Start to begin the recovery process. If you have deleted a file that is not recoverable using this method, you can try recovering it by using a data loss recovery service.

Recover Deleted Files From MS Recycle Bin

If you delete files accidentally on your windows computer, there is a way to recover them. You can first try to restore the files from the recycle Bin. This option is available in most versions of Windows, and it will usually restore the files in their original format.

If the files were restored from the recycle bin you can then try to find the files online or on another computer. If you are not able to recover then restore them from a backup.

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How To Recover Deleted Files From Laptop/PC

If you have deleted files from your laptop or PC you may be able to recover deleted file then. There are different ways to recover deleted file depending on the type of file you have deleted. If suddenly file has been deleted from your computer hard drive, you can usually recover it by scanning the HDD if you not succeed then you have to use file recovery software.

With the help of file recovery you can easily recover the old rusty hidden deleted file in minutes. In control panel open recovery tool option go in search and you will get the results in seconds. Secondly if file has been deleted from your laptop you can also recover it. You can use the Windows recycle Bin the windows file recovery tool or a third party software program. The windows recycle bin is a very fast way to recover deleted files. Simply drag the file you want to restore into the recycle bin and you will easily recover deleted file.

But if you want to recover a file from beyond the reach of the windows file recovery tool you can use a third party software program. These programs are often more comprehensive than the Windows File Recovery tool and have additional features such as data recovery and file encryption.

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How To Delete A File On Your Computer

If you are tired of old file and you want to delete it permanently then here is the easy step to delete it but keep in mind that you may not be able to recover it again. To delete a file open windows explorer and go to the required folder from there click on the required file. Right click the file and select and delete.

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How To Recover Deleted File From The Recycle Bin

Once you delete file people think they are gone forever but you can always easily recover it by using the windows 10 file history feature. Here is how.

1. Open the required file history.
2. Click on required folder that is your target to recover.
3. Now by simply right clicking on the folder you can easily recovered it.
4. If the file is located in another folder you will have to select that folder as well first.

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