PUBG PC Requirement: The Minimum And Maximum Requirements

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, is a popular video game that was initially released on Steam in March 2017. This game is one of the most played game in gaming world. PUBG PC Requirement. The game consist of 100 player who parachute onto a specific map or location and search for weapons and mostly equipment to kill friends and enemy while avoiding getting killed themselves.

The objective of the game is either to be the last player or team alive in which case the player win, or to kill every other player on the map in which case the player win. Player can start playing whenever they want to, there are no rounds or turns. The last person or team alive wins. Each and every game that we play has some system requirement. Same is PUBG. Let’s have a look at the perfect gaming pc system requirement for PUBG.

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PUBG PC Requirement: The Minimum To Maximum Requirements

PUBG Minimum System Requirements.

1. Intel Core i5-4430
2. AMD FX 6300
3. At least 6 to 8 GB RAM
4. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon R7 370
5. Direct X 10
6. At least 30 GB Space
7. Window 7 64 bit or window 8.1

So here is the minimum requirement that is required for PUBG game. With Intel core i5-4430 CPU you can play game at normal level.

With having AMD FX 6300 graphic card and 8 GB of RAM you can play at very low FPS and resolution. If you want to play game with high resolution and high frame rate then you must have to increase the system requirement. You can check out the next average system requirement that we have listed below.PUBG PC Requirement

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Recommended PC Requirement

1. RAM 16 GB
2. Intel Core i5-6600 / AMD Ryzen 5
3. NVidia GTX 1060 or Radeon 580 RX 6 GB
4. Window 7 64 bit, window 8 , window 10
5. Broad band internet connection 4G internet
6. At least 30 GB Storage.

Here above is some of the average requirement forgame. You can play and enjoy PUBG with average setting. Intel core i5 6th generation is one of the best CPU available for PUBG Game. With 16 GB of RAM it will play like a beast.

PUBG PC Requirement

Window 7 and above has own effect on setting so make sure you prove Window 7 or above. With NVidia GTX 1060 or Radeon 580 rx 6 GB game will have average setting and you wil able to play at high resolution and high FPS. For PUBG you should also make sure enough space so that you can easily install its setting.

PUBG Best PC Requirement for PUBG

1. 64- bit window 7 , window 10 , window 11
2. Direct X 11
3. 16 GB of RAM
4. SSD required
5. Broadband internet 4 G
6. NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti or above
7. Intel Core i5 7th Generation or AMD Ryzen 5

If you want to play this game with ease then you must provide the above mention requirement. It will make sure 60 fps and high resolution. NVidia GeForce GTX ti will make sure it run like a beast. It is one of the best graphic card available in the market. PUBG PC Requirement.

With having SSD 420 or 500 it will run smooth and sound. Though it will cost you a kidney but it will make sure you can enjoy the game with high setting and best level.

We suggest AMD Ryzen 5 because of it base clock 3.8 GHz to Max 4.5 GHz. It is also compatible with 500 series motherboard chipset, so that in future you do not have to change the whole gaming Pc. 16 GB RAM will help in CPU better performance. SSD will help to cut down the loading game speed. So overall if you see these requirement are best for games like PUBG.

What is the size of PUBG gaming PC?

It is a video game that was released for PC in 2017. It is known fact that the size of the PC game is about 4.1 GB. Which means that you must should have enough space on your computer’s hard drive. All you have to do is to make sure you have enough space in your hard drive before installing PUBG game in your gaming pc.

Is PUBG Free to Play on Desktop?

The matter of fact is No, it is not free to play on desktop. It is only free to play on mobile devices. If you want to play this game on your desktop you have to install special software plus all you have to do is you have to subscribe to battleground plus member ship.

PUBG PC Requirement

It will cost you USD 12.99. There are lost of pubg emulator which are. Memu. Tencent Gaming Buddy, Apowersoft Android Recorder etc. However company have free-to-play-announcement, you can play it free with in limit.

Can I run PUBG on a Core i3 processor?

Well you can run PUBG if you must ensure Core i3 processor. But if you have a Core i3 processor and want to play. you are going to have to make some compromises. The game is not going to run as smoothly as it would on a higher-end computer. You should turn down settings of graphic card in order for the game to even run.

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