How to Get M416 Glacier Skin
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How To Get M416 Glacier Skin In PUBG For Free. Easy Guide!

How To Get M416 Glacier Skin. Do you know what the most favorite skin in PUBG is for most of the player? Well it is none other than the BGMI M416 Glacier Skin. You can get it free and very easily from the BGMI traditional crate.

The most effective way is Kill effect, on-hit development, advance form, and loot crate are only some of the distinguishing major traits of the M416 glacier.

When you reach stage 1 then you can get the glacier skin’s attributes. First, of all you would need some paint and materials from different locations to decorate the BGMI M416 Glacier Skin.

How To Get M416 Glacier Skin?

The main issue is that you must have glacier M4 before upgrading.

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Why The PUBG M416 Glacier Is Everyone’s Favourite?

There are many reason to count on. First one is it is one of the most precious beautiful gun one can dream of. If you want to buy it with UC it will cast you handsome money almost 20 k UC to get this gun.

Secondly only lucky player can get it from crates. If you have this gun in your collection your ID worth millions. Most player get this gun to make some money of it. Those who have this gun in pocket sell their id with lot of money.

It Has Special Kill Effect. How To Get M416 Glacier Skin?

After upgrading it to maximum level it kill effect matter a lot. It focus and aim is best in comparison of other available guns in pubg game.

It is known fact for pubg player that M416 Glacier gun cost you a lot in order to reach it to maximum level 7. You will need more than 50 k UC to upgrade the same gun to level 7.

Most beautiful Unique Glacier Skin

This gun is every pubg player dream. It is best unique attractive gun in whole game. Girls love this gun .

How to Get M416 Glacier Skin

There are sevral method to get hand on this unique gun. Some of them include lucky draw like classic premium and supplier crate.

If you have Aladdin lamp and are lucky enough you can get it from the luck crate during games. But it is not that easy.

The best way is if you are money guy you should buy some premium crate and try your luck. You can get it easily
Some basic tips to get hand on glacier m416 gun skin

1. Tap More Than One Time.

Whenever you open crate tap more than 4 to 5 time on glacier in order to make it possible for you.

2. Don’t Open All In Once.

Make sure you don’t open crates all at one time. Try different times. If you are lucky enough then you can get it easily.

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3. Use Specific Time.

From most top player experience try to open crates at 12 am to 8 am time according to your time zone. This is the main specific time during which most player are not online and you can get hand on it easily.


M4 16 glacier is one of the best gun ever available in pubg game history. Though it is not that easy to get hand on it but you can try your luck.

You have to trust your luck to get one of these. Mostly you would need lot of money and also luck. Try premium crate in order to get it easily also time matter.

Most YouTube videos show tapping multiple time on glacier M416 skin make high probability of getting hands on of these best beautiful gun.

That all for how to get M416 glacier skin. We are working our best to get some more helpful tip for getting one of these. As soon as we discover new tips we will update you soon.

Lets us know in comments section below if it help you out on getting this beautiful gun with ease.

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