How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD: A Step-By-Step Guide.

The new Sony Playstation 5 has a built-in 825GB solid state drive. Which is excellent but 825GB of storage can only go so far. But in all seriousness though 1TB would have been way better, right?!

Considering that the SSD comes pre-installed with 825GB of storage space. only 667GB of that is available to gamers due to the OS taking up space.

Many gamers are eager to expand their storage capacity. The PS5 storage upgrade process is a bit of a slog, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

That’s because unlike previous generations. The Playstation 5 needs an internal upgrade to save and play optimized games.

The PS5 console comes with an expansion slot for M.2 NVMe SSDs. By using the suitable drive in that slot.

You can maintain the system impressive capabilities and features. Also expanding storage.

It is a straightforward process. It requires disassembling and specification verification.

Let’s take a look at our handy step by step guide that goes a little farther than Sony instructions.

Choosing A Compatible Solid State Drive (SSD)

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With an SSD
How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD. You will need an M.2 SSD to upsurge your storage size of your PS5 but any M.2 SSD won’t do.

And while they are not the cheapest drives. one should make sure they pick the right one.

To get started keep in mind that M.2 SSDs is buy with or without a heatsink already attached.

A pre installed heatsink will ensure that the drive. It does not overheat while your PS5 is running. The specifications are as follow.

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD

  1. The interface should be PCI-Express Gen4x4, M.2 NVMe SSD.
  2. A type of Socket 3 socket connector (Key M).
  3. PlayStation 5 supports the following sizes: Sizes 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, and 22110.
  4. Storage capacity ranges from 250GB to 4TB.
  5. The drive should be no more than 25mm wide. Including the heatsink. 30, 40, 60, 80, or 110mm long and 11.25mm in thickness or less.
  6. The drive must have least sequential read speed of 5500 Mbps.

So that now you have learned there is to know about the drive, you’re ready to install it.

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Make Sure You Are On The Right System Software

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD. SSD expansion is now available to the whole public rather than Sony beta testers.

This means that all you have to do is make sure you have the most recent version of your operating system.

You can find out if your console has a software update by accessing this section of the console settings menu.

Settings | System | System Software | System Software Update and Settings | Update System Software.

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD

  • Your PS5 console is ready to go if this screen reads Up to date.
  • Pick Up Your Tools And Prepare To Dismantle.
  • Next hold the PS5 power button down for three seconds to completely shut down the console.
  • Unplug it after letting it cool down for a few minutes. Now you can install your SSD after this.

A clean, soft surface in a well illuminated area is must for SSD installation. Dust free and devoid of debris that could drift into your console when it is open.

A Butterfly or Phillips No. 1 screwdriver is also required. Ensure the PS5 is resting on a soft surface with its disc drive facing up upside down.

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD. Remove the Side Panel.

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD
How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD. Ensure the Sony PlayStation logo is lying flat. The switch is on your right when you’re ready to use your system.

When it comes to removing the large white panel. This is the most challenging element of the process.

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD

  1. Take a firm hold of the cube upper left and lower right corners.
  2. Pull up the lower right corner with your left hand while moving the panel to the left.
  3. Use your left thumb to brace the panel top. The rest of your left hand to move it to the left.

Using the correct angle, the panel will slide left and come off with no effort. If you have figured it out.

Try pushing it from a different angle and pulling it up with your right hand to another degree to move the panel.

The panel is held in place by hook like pins that snap out to the left. It cannot remove even with the tiniest amount of upward push. you might break the pins trying.

Once you know how to make the panel move left explore along with it a little bit.

Remove the SSD Screw and the Expansion Slot Cover

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD
It’s time to take things apart. First remove the metal cover over the expansion slot on the left side of your PS5 near the fan.

Remove the tiny screw at the top of the lid using a screwdriver and set it away for now. When taking it out, take care of fan that it doesn’t get sucked.

As soon as you’ve brought it to the upper edge of your PS5. Remove the clip and leave it aside.

Five screw holes can seen. Mount the SSD in the green region visible when the cover has removed.

In order to secure your PS5 hard drive. You will need to use one of these holes varying according to the dimensions of the SSD card.

The SSD screw in the top slot (110) should be removed and set aside. It should remain within easy reach for the time being.

You will notice a silver spacer beneath the screw that looks like a silver ring. SSDs need this spacer to align them well with the circuit board.

Measuring the green region (with the metal prongs facing you and a screw hole on top). It can tell you which slot the spacer should go in. Insert the spacer into this opening.

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD.Mount the SSD

The PS5 circuit board will need to be aligned with the SSD connection prongs. which should already be pointing towards you.

Tilting the SSD a little will make it easier to insert a screw into its top instead of the bottom side.

As soon as you hear it click insert the SSD into the board until it is secure.

Once you have done. Lower the SSD lid so that the top hole lines up with the hole you made with the spacer earlier.

Twist the screw into the spacer to secure the SSD. You are almost there. It is time to place your expansion slot cover again.

To do this recline your cover like you did your SSD. Then press and screw your expansion slot cover back into place.

How To Upgrade Your Ps5 With SSD. Close Your PS5 Back Up.

You will find this step a whole lot easier than it appears after aligning. Those two prongs in the top right corner. Press and move the covering back into place until you hear a click.

Turn On The Sony Playstation 5 And Format The SSD

Sony Playstation
If you have followed all of the steps. Turning on the PS5 should take you to a formatting screen where you may set up your hard drive.

You will be able to enjoy your expanded storage. Forget about the days of deleting games after that procedure is complete.

which should take less than a minute in our experience.

Start Playing.

Your PS5 now has much more storage. It would be as efficient as the internal SSD. installed in your drive meets all specifications.

Enjoy it. Also for some suggestions on what to put on your new enterprise. check out our list of the top PS5 games.

We hope this guide has been helpful. In case this was not your cup of tea and our procedures were not clear enough.

You can check out Sony extensive information page here. which also offers a precise analysis of what type of SSD you will want to buy.

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