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How To Upgrade Your Gaming PC – Easy Guide To Get Refined Computer

Are you bored with your old computer with laggy performance? Do you know how to upgrade your gaming PC with the latest parts to get it to perform well? Here we are with the complete step-by-step guide to let you do the process at home. If you are not a PC specialist, don’t get panic at all.

How To Upgrade Your Gaming PC.A few technical skills could get your gaming PC upgraded to a whole new one. Building a gaming PC from scratches and upgrading it could be a bit different. But the overall process is the same. Building a PC from the scratch could need to purchase every hardware part in brand new condition or also the used parts work better. Here is the list of some of the best budget gaming pc also check it out.

Do you know? Even a simple PC could be upgraded to a gaming one?. But I suggest you should learn the process to upgrade a PC and the hardware parts you need to change should be known.

How To Upgrade Your Gaming PC? Easy Guide

Here is a guide on how to upgrade it and the hardware components with a quick look to be needed to replace the old parts. Now, most of the hardware parts depend on your budget and ranges. So, you should choose within your range to get the old rig one step ahead. Let us dive in to proceed with upgrades.

PC Case. How To Upgrade Your Gaming PC

The old PC case could be replaced with a brand new one. But it depends on you if it doesn’t matter with the looks and design, the old case could be upgraded with new hardware parts.

Casing for gaming pc
It is a matter of choosing what type of design you choose. However, you can find state-of-the-art great designs in PC cases. Gaming PC cases have their own styles and designs and the normal cases could be found with simple designs.


Before replacing this component you should look at the options it offers. If the motherboard has enough space to adjust up to 16GB RAMs with additional slots . How To Upgrade Your Gaming PC.

Also the options to support video cards, graphics cards, additional slots to increase the storage, and other necessary ports. The more options it provides the bigger are the chances to keep your old motherboard.


The central processing unit (CPU) is a hardware-based processor unit that executes mathematical, logic-based, and administrative functions.

It is the main part of the computer system, controlling the memory and input/output devices.CPU is the main part of the pc.

Before choosing the CPU one must have sound knowledge about the motherboard which their computer carries. if you have a motherboard with older technology then the CPU with the latest technology cant be adjusted. for example, if you have MSI MPG 390 gaming plus motherboard then you can adjust intel 8th and 9th generation CPU. For MPG Z490 inter 10th generation CPU would be needed.


Random-access memory (RAM) is memory hardware that allows the processor to access data stored inside the main memory. This allows the processor to work faster and with less power. The invention of RAM is a long time ago, but it is done very well in modern systems.

Both RAM and CPU are interlinked, Random Access Memory works by the processor accessing data as it is being created. The data is actually stored in a buffer within the processor itself. The buffer is used to store data until the CPU can access it. Before choosing RAM one must have sound knowledge regarding its latest technology and innovation.

DDR3 RAM can perform less as compared to DDR4 technology. DDR4 Ram technology can boost your pc and if you are a game lover then it can add bouns or supremacy to the games that you play.


If you are sick of low storage capacity and want to get rid of that problem then no worries, It can be upgraded as you desire. but along with storage upgrade.

You also have to upgrade your RAM and CPU because computer all parts are linked together and act as a team.
Nowadays storage comes in both SSD and HDD. HDD is a bit cheaper as compared to SSD storage. if you want superfast performance then I would suggest SSD storage. it works better and faster you will find your pc in new shape and figure.

Graphics Card

if you are a game lover or you love video editing rendering then graphic cards matter the most. if you are tired of your old dedicated intel HD graphics then no worries you can upgrade it to your desire.

Graphic card
All you need is the dedicated port in the motherboard of your computer. if you need a simple pc upgrade then a dedicated graphics card is more than enough for a normal pc.

Power Supply

the power supply is a device that transfers electric current to an electric load. for a gamer, it matters the most. if you are using a AAA gaming pc then you will need the required PSU for it.

Power supply
PSU carries the load to all computer components including motherboard, GPU, RAM, and CPU. Most gaming pc need PSU above 450 watts. it is up to your choice what sort of component you need to install on your computer.

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