How To Upgrade A Graphic Card? Easy Guide!

How To Upgrade A Graphic Card?

A graphics card is a vital component of a gaming PC. A graphics card is responsible for the processing of all the images and graphics in a game or other 3D application.

The GPU is the main part of the graphics card. If your pc graphic want upgradation, then it’s important to know how to upgrade your GPU.

There are two main types of GPUs

integrated and discrete

Integrated GPUs

Integrated GPUs are usually found on laptops and lower-end desktop computers because they use less power than discrete cards.

Discrete GPUs

Discrete GPUs are more powerful, but they require more energy and take up more space inside your computer case.
It Is known fact that most Software of games and other programs need a graphic card to run properly on your computer.

Graphics card is the cornerstone for tech geeks. It is a prerequisite for any video game to run properly or for a seamless Netflix experience.

But often some issues arise which leads us to think about upgrading the graphic card. The upgrade of a graphic card does not happen overnight, it takes time to reach a point where upgrading your graphic card is your only resort.

In this article, we will cover all the basics which you need to keep in mind while updating your graphic card.

Why You Need To Upgrade Your Graphic Card

There are various reasons, which compel the user to go for an update of a graphic card.

Better Netflix Experience

People who love to watch Netflix don’t like a choppy experience where the video becomes pixelated. It usually happens when there is enough space in the graphic card.

Or the graphic card’s horsepower is not enough to support high-definition videos. Updating graphic cards becomes a necessity when a better non-pixelated experience is required.

Advanced Gaming Experience

If you are a fan of “Call of Duty” or “PUBG” sort of games then you must have familiar with the graphic card.

These types of games require updated graphic cards for their features to run. If your built-in graphics card is no longer capable of supporting games, you will have trouble enjoying a seamless gaming experience.

That’s when you will need to upgrade your graphic card. Before you buy a graphics card upgrade, few thing you must keep in mind.

The Main Key Point You Must Consider

The first thing you need to do when upgrading your GPU is make sure that you have enough room inside your computer case.

1. Computer’s Features

The most important thing you need to consider, is your computer’s features. Is your computer physically compatible with the newer graphic card to install?

For this you need to examine the dimensions of your computer and the newer graphic card, if they are coordinated, then you are good to go.

2. PCI-e x16 slot

The second aspect which is a prerequisite is to check whether your pc has a PCI-e x16 slot or not? This slot is present in most PCs with a graphics card installed, however, it’s vital to double-check by opening your computer.

3. Power Supply

Is your PC’s power supply capable of withstanding an advanced graphic card? Generally, if you do your research then the wattage require for a graphic card is present on the label.

You can investigate your PC’s power supply and compare it with your graphic card.

4. Power Connector. How To Upgrade A Graphic Card

The last thing which you need to investigate is whether either your PC’s power supply has power connectors which are the requirement of the graphic cards.

Advanced graphic cards call for more than one power connector to work properly.

Ways To Install A New Graphic Card

If you have found your best graphic card which seems ideal for your computer. The next step is installation.

The installation is not just plug-n-play, it requires correct installation tools and techniques to ensure a smooth experience.

Power Supply. How To Upgrade A Graphic Card

As we have stated above, if your new graphic card needs an updated power supply. you need to replace your old power supply with a new one.

Though installation of a new power supply is hassle-free it is a time-consuming process. Generally, tech gurus recommend a 500-watt supply for a new graphic card.

Once your power supply updates, cross-check to ensure it is according to your graphic card’s needs.

Replace The Old Graphic Card With The New One

At this point, your power supply is up for the task of upgrading the graphic card. This is the time to do the actual work- getting rid of your old card and welcoming the new one.

The foremost thing to do is to delete all the existing drivers from your PC. Navigate to “control panel” under the heading of “Display Adaptors”.

If you are unfamiliar with the graphic adaptor your system uses. Once all the deletion completes, now shut down your computer system.

With the help of a screwdriver, free up all the bolts which hold the graphic card into its place. Once this work completes, remove the card from the slot.

To remove the card from the PCI Express slot, you must press on the lock either downward or laterally.

Insert The New Card In The Slot

After all the prerequisites are complete, then comes the actual part. Insert the new card in the slot. Place your new card firmly in the PCI Express slot that is accessible.

Sometimes the dimension of the card is wider than the available space. Then you need to make space-using drivers insert a card.

After crosschecking if the card is easily adjusted into the slot. The last part is to seal the card with the screws.

Plug In All The Necessary Power Cables

Now that your card is properly inserted. Then you need to again plug in all the necessary power cables and turn on the system. This will navigate to the boot option.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and click on “Boot”. The system will attempt to boot with your new graphics, but new drivers are not installed yet, so don’t fret and follow these easy steps.

Open your PC’s browser and from there search for “AMD or NIVIDA” and download it into your system. For your feasibility, Windows 10 has a feature, which lets the user detect the correct driver automatically.

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Reboot The System

Reboot the system after installing the driver to ensure that you may alter your monitor’s resolution to its original setting.

You also need to make sure that your computer recognizes your new card. Bravo! Your task is completed. Just to add the finishing details-

adjust your computer with the new graphic card updates and be ready to enjoy the advanced experience of the new graphic card.

Recommendations for the best graphic cards that are worth your bucks!

Here Are Some Top Of The List Graphics Card. Let’s Have A Look

1. NVidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. How To Upgrade A Graphic Card

Due to its unique and advanced features this graphic card is gaming beast. It is considered the newest addition in the 3000 range.

With its price to performance ratio, the NVidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti puts that claim to the test. Due to its power-packed performance, it has given the RTX 2080 tough competition.

Gaming in 1080p has never been this amazing or this economical.

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2. The NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080

This graphic card is curated keeping the viewer’s expectations in view. Its ultra-fast memory makes it the most demanding graphic card of all time.

3. NVidia GeForce RTX 3090

This graphic card made it to the top list due to its ultra-high performance and 24GB of RAM- making it one of the top-notch graphic cards of all time.

It is considered a substitute for Titan with more advanced options and more affordability.

4. NVidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

This is the reminiscent of RTX 3090 series with more user-friendly options. With its unique features and excellent graphics, it offers the aesthetically pleasing experience of all the graphics.

The only drawback is that only money guys can afford it.

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Nowadays graphic card is considered a staple for playing games and for watching HD videos. An ideal graphic card accentuates your gaming experience to a completely new level.

With an absence of an advanced graphic card, you cannot enjoy your gaming experience at max. The aforementioned guide has all the necessary stuff you need while you are on a hunt for a new graphic card.

If you follow the instructions properly then in no time you will experience the perks of the upgraded graphic card by all means. How To Upgrade A Graphic Card.

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