How To Install Window 10? Easy Guide!

how to install window 10.Have you ever wondered what the most well-known “technology-related word” is? It’s “Microsoft Windows”.

Windows is one of the few things that has stood the test of time in the ever-changing world of technology.

With advancement in technology No one can imagine working on a computer with outdated window. Working on a gaming computer might be a nightmare if the window version is out of date.

Even though Windows 7 is the most popular version in Microsoft’s history and its features have served customers for the longest time.

However, as the technology advanced, it is now important to upgrade your windows. We will discuss most important things while upgrading to Windows 10. First lets find out how to install window 10

Steps For The Easy Installation Of Window 10

Installing Window 10 is an easy job. You will sort it out by yourself if you follow these steps. It doesn’t matter if you’re upgrading from Windows 7 or installing Windows 10 for the first time on your PC. \

With a few exceptions, the steps are similar in both circumstances. So let’s get down to the business!

Step 1: Verify Your Device’s Compatibility With the Window 10

Window 10 needs 1GHz CPU processor to work.
RAM required for Window 10 32-bit is 1GB and for 64-bit 2GB.
When installing window 10, you need to make sure that your device has 32GB of storage space.
The system’s GPU must be compatible with the Window 10.
Your device’s resolution should be 800×600 or greater.
The last thing you need is secure Internet connection to make the installation process hassle-free.

Step 2: Set Up Installation Media. How To Install Window 10

To store all the installation files, you will require a USB having at least 8GB of space. Microsoft’s official website provides a tool for generating installation media.

The first step is to go to any browser and search for “Microsoft Windows 10 download”. It will lead you to an official page of Microsoft.

Find “Download Tool Now” you can find out at the right bottom of the page and then click on that option. Meanwhile, connect a USB drive to your computer. All you have to do is to make sure your drive has enough space.

Once the tool downloads, you need to run the tool. After the Microsoft terms and conditions page will pop up, click on “Accept” and then on the window of “What do you want to do” tap on the option of “Create Installation Media”.

After this, a page will come in front of your screen, which has all the details of the necessary customization which you want to perform.

There will be options of language, version of Window 10, and media type. Select the relevant options on this page and you’re good to go.

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Step 3: Make Use Of Installation Media. How To Install Window 10

Computer’s BIOS or UEFI is the system that is inbuilt into your motherboard.  It allows the user to customize several features of your operating system.

The interesting part is, Every computer has different ways to reach this feature. But generally, the Escape key or Function keys are used.

You need to hold these keys respectively to find out which key leads you to your desired destination.

Step 4: Altering the Computer’s Boot Order. How To Install Window 10

This is the crucial step to install Window 10. On the computer’s BIOS or UEFI page, look for the option of “boot order”. Once you find the option, You need to put the drive at the head of the boot’s order menu.

This step is necessary because your computer cannot boot into Window 10 installation media if the boot order is lower.

One additional step you may perform if your system uses “Secure Boot”.

For proper installation of windows, disable the “Secure Boot”.

Step 5: Sealed the settings. How To Install Window 10

After all the previous steps, click on “Save Settings”. Tada! Your Windows installation is successful now.

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Setting up Window 10. How To Install Window 10

Boring and time taking part lies ahead of the Boot process. It requires the user’s utmost patience as your computer will restart and automatically adjust itself to Window 10.

This may take some time totally depend upon your system. When the tedious part is over, your computer will automatically direct you toward the Startup.

A startup is the most fascinating part for the users because they can personalize their Window 10 according to their preferences.

The startup will direct you towards many options like “Name of the PC”, “Color Theme” etc. After this, navigate to the options of “Wireless Network” and “Settings” respectively.

On the window of Settings, users have a choice to personalize their settings or to opt for a “Default”. Then, at last, Sign in to your Microsoft or local account and let the magic begin with Window 10.

Finally, prepare to enjoy the benefits of your newly installed Windows 10 and to have the finest experience possible from now on.

Why You Need To Upgrade Your Old Window To Window 10

How to install window 10

1. Beacuse Of “Start-Menu” How To Install Window 10

After the Windows 8 update, many users complained about the absence of a start menu. The start menu is a very handy tool when it comes to navigation to any file on the computer.

This option is available in Windows 10, and it’s better than ever. Windows 10 home features a modern and beautiful start menu and start button, which has proven to be a popular choice among users.

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2. System Update Is No More a Trouble

As time passes, Microsoft cancels the extended support to older versions. Many users who use windows older versions often rant about the absence of updates.

Microsoft will provide Windows 10 updates until 2025, so there is no need to be a worry for a long time.

3. Virus Protection At Its Max

Window 10 offers virus protection, which is stronger than the previous versions. Now you don’t have to think twice about malicious software while downloading because window 10 will keep all the viruses at bay.

4. DirectX 12 is available in Windows 10

Window 10 offers DirectX 12, which was missing before. This feature is particularly beneficial for the gamers because it provides impeccable gaming experience.

Users can enjoy their games with more enhanced graphics with less power consumption.

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5. Feature Of Touch Screen. How To Install Window 10

For users who use hybrid devices and are particularly fond of touch screens, then Window 10 has got you covered. It offers customization, which lets the user to switch to touch mode while using touch screen.

6. Advanced Control System. How To Install Window 10

The Control System of Windows has come a long way. It has become more user-friendly in Window 10. In this, it automatically shuts down those apps that are of no use.

Also, switching from program to program has never been easy before.

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7. Speedy Operating System. How To Install Window 10

Last but not least is the quickest operating system. It allows users to navigate quickly without the hassle of waiting. The key benefit of this system is that it uses less electricity than previous models.

You’ve likely decided to upgrade to Windows 10 at this stage. The next task is to install Windows 10 on your computer.

Many people have a misconception that the installation of a Window is an uphill task and it requires professionals to do the job.

Although it’s few areas are tricky, if you follow the right steps, then you can easily install Window 10 by yourself.

Conclusion. How To Install Window 10

Modern problems call for a modern solution. Amidst the prevailing culture of “Work from Home”, people require gadgets that are up to date.

Windows 10 has become the need of the hour due to its fastest system and user-friendly options. If you follow the steps provided in this guide, then surely you will be able to install Window 10 in the comfort of your home.

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