How to Change Your Wi-Fi Name? Easy Steps To Follow

You might have been wondering how to change your Wi-Fi name or SSID and you are not sure where to start.

Well we have put together a list of the best Wi-Fi name ideas so you can pick one that is perfect for your network.

How To Change Your Wi-Fi Name?

If you’re tired of being stuck with the same Wi-Fi name on all your devices, there are a few ways to change it. You can go to your router settings and change your Wi-Fi name. You can use one of the many online tools that allow you to do this.

To change your router name first find out what your router default name is. It will usually be something like Linksys or Netgear.

Once you know the default name, go to your router settings and look for a section called Wifi Name. You will need to input the default name into this field and then click on the Change Name button.

First for all go to your router ip

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Name?

Second each router have administrator password. Go and log in to that. if you dont know you can check it out at the back of your router.

How to change your wi-fi name

Now go to setting and then advance setting.

How to change your wi-fi name

There you go. you can change your name or password.  Follow these simple steps.

How to change your wi-fi name

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How To Protect Your Wi-Fi Connection?

One of the most common reasons people change their Wi-Fi name is to protect their connection. From other people who might be using the same network.

This is especially important if you work from home. Or use your home Wi-Fi for your computer and for connecting to the internet outside of your home.

How To Protect Your WiFi Connection?

The most easiest way you can connect to your internet is through WIFI, but it can also be vulnerable. If you want to keep your WiFi connection safe. you must do some of the important things to protect yourself.

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Here Are A Few Tips To Help Protect Your WiFi Connection:

1. Use a password:

When you first set up your WiFi, you should use a password to protect your connection. By using password you are make it very difficult for other to stay connected to your WIFI.

One way you can save your WiFi connection is to use a strong password. Always keep in mind that you have difficult password is at least of 8 characters.

You should include one capital letter and also some special character. Also make sure you write it with yourself. if you don’t remember you can check it from there.

You can also protect your WiFi connection by setting up a firewall on your computer or router. This will help to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your WiFi network.

2. Change your Wi-Fi name

If you don’t want others to be able to see the name of your network, you can change your network’s name. By this way it will be very hard for someone to connect to your WI-FI.

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3. Use a VPN

If you worry about someone spying on your online activities. You can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN encrypts all your traffic, making it difficult for anyone else to spy on what you are doing online.

VPNs are especially important if you want to keep your activity private. When you are using public Wi-Fi networks.

4. Use Mac Filter

If you’re looking to keep your Wi-Fi connection secure, you can use a mac filter. They help protect your Wi-Fi connection by blocking harmful traffic.

There are many different mac filters you can choose from. Some of them block ads, while others block malware and spyware.

You can also find mac filters that protect your privacy and keep track of your internet usage.

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What To Name Your Wi-Fi Network

If you’re bored of the same Wi-Fi name every time you use your Wi-Fi, you can change it! Here are some wacky ideas to pick from:

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Name?

  • Dirty Harry
  • The Flintstones
  • The Joker
  • The Mummy
  • Spiderman
  • Star Wars

10 Wacky Ideas To Pick From

  1.  Foo
  2. The Wi-Fi Diet
  3. Yoga
  4. Speed Dating
  5. Bowling
  6. Poker
  7. Clubbing
  8. Frisbee
  9. Karaoke Night
  10. Hitting the Books

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Changing WI-FI password is fun you can change it if you really know the exact process you want to. You must have sound knowledge about your router and how to access.

You must have some sound knowledge how to change your password and also how to use encryption.

Hope you have enjoyed the information. Lets us find know in the comments below.

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