How Much Does RAM Affect Gaming Or FPS? Best Guide!

Does RAM Affect Gaming?
Does RAM Affect Gaming
Are you looking to know how much RAM you’ll need for your new gaming computer?  you would like to understand how RAM speed influences your frame rate? when it comes to gaming.

Having more and faster RAM might make all the difference. Any gaming PC would be incomplete without RAM. In comparison to pcs with less memory. Adding more RAM can enhance system responsiveness and frame rates.

Does RAM Affect Gaming. This article will reveal how much of a difference faster and more RAM can make in game. Without further ado lets take a closer look.

Does RAM Affect Gaming? What is RAM?

The computer’s short-term storage is RAM, or random access memory. You’ll find information on your current activities and workflows in this folder.

It only takes a few seconds to a few minutes to retrieve data from RAM compared to the long term storage.

The term short term storage refers to the fact that all of the information you will require in the near future will be kept in RAM.

A file or photo is much more easily retrieved from the SSD. It would be from other hard drives, making it much more convenient for you to utilize.

A lot of people feel that a computer with plenty of RAM is more powerful and efficient. However this is only partially accurate as RAM is only one half of the puzzle.

For a computer to be genuinely high-end, both the CPU and the GPU must be in excellent condition. To increase the amount of RAM you need to consider upgrading your processor.

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Does RAM Affect Gaming? RAM’s Impact on FPS

Does RAM Affect Gaming
Does RAM Affect Gaming? What is the relation between FPS and RAM? Frames per second (FPS) measure the number of full screen images that appear in a given second.

More FPS can achieve by increasing the RAM on your gaming computer. Why? As a result RAM can improve overall performance that is why it is a crucial instrument.

In and of itself it isn’t quick but it does allow your computer storage capacity fast. Many assessments have shown that simply increasing your RAM doesn’t improve your in game performance in general.

Does RAM Affect Gaming. Even if additional RAM does boost FPS. The issue of whether it does so isn’t necessarily the proper one to ask.

Instead, you should ask will increasing more RAM enhance my FPS in games. if I have a limited amount of RAM?

Your game for instance only utilizes 4 GB of RAM at any given time. So if your RAM is 8 GB you have 4 GB leftover that you won’t need for the game.

For AAA games, 8GB of RAM is considered the minimum requirement. But the need for RAM is increasing. For example Red Dead Redemption 2 suggests at least 12GB of RAM.

Alyx necessitates at least that amount. As a result 16GB of RAM is highly recommended if you plan on playing different games in the future.

Does RAM Affect Gaming

No matter what 8-16 Gigabytes is still arguably the best value for money when it comes to gaming computers. whether you are starting from scratch or upgrading an old system.

In the event that you want to use your computer for video editing or graphic design. you may want to consider spending a little more on RAM.

As long as most of your games don’t require more than Four Gigabytes of RAM. don’t worry about it.

This is because if you have other apps operating in the background, they can make use of part of the extra storage.

If you’re a game streamer who has to run other programs in the background while playing, this extra storage will come in handy.

Does A Higher Number Of Frames Per Second Mean A Faster RAM?

In the same way that additional RAM can boost your FPS in certain circumstances, faster RAM can do the same.

The performance gap between DDR4 memory’s lowest speed (2133MHz). Its fastest speed (2400MHz) is only marginally lower in most applications according to most benchmarks. This varies from game to game.

Memory operating at faster clock speeds is more beneficial in some games than it is in others, depending on the game.

As a result the question as to whether or not faster ram will benefit you. is one for which there is no standard response.

You have to consider lot of things when it comes to the type of apps and games you are operating.

It’s also worth noting that slower RAM costs less whereas fast RAM costs more. In general 2133MHz memory is 10 to 15% less expensive than 3000MHz memory in DDR4 systems.

2133MHz and 2666MHz kits can be purchased for the same price depending on where you shop. The second consideration is your financial situation.

In a tight-budget situation if the price difference between a slower memory kit and a faster memory kit. The necessitates downgrading your CPU or GPU in order to purchase the faster memory kit.

Then you should go with the slower memory kit. Ultimately a relatively low CPU/GPU as well. A higher tier CPU/GPU, have a more significant impact on performance than a faster memory or a slower memory.

If you have been looking at RAMs you’ve probably come across the 32GB variant. Due to its large capacity this isn’t commonly available or used at the moment.

It’s preferable to put money aside until the 32GB is widely available. If you want to get the most out of your 16GB.

What Are The Factors You Should Consider?


If you want to play heavy games you will need at least 16GB of RAM. If your pre-built gaming PC doesn’t have the capacity to handle it.

You may want to consider upgrading. This information could be found on the motherboard manufacturer website. If you constructed your own gaming machine.

If you don’t have access to the manufacturer website of your current system, you can look it up on the Internet.

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The amount of data that can be sent to the stick at a given time is determined by a property called frequency.

RAM is available at a variety of frequencies. You can only go as far as your system can handle. The better the performance the higher the frequency.

This does not imply that the quickest RAM is the best. Overclocking RAM to frequencies higher than those supported by the chipset such as 3600MHz on a Z490.

That might lead to system instability offsetting any gains in speed.


Ideally you want RAM with low latencies of 16 CAS or less. There are four numbers used to characterize latencies and these four values.

It tell you the latency of memory clocks for each job. There is no need to worry about overclocking your gaming computer because all motherboards support all latencies.

The bottom conclusion is that framerates may well be affected by the amount of memory you have available.

However the extent to which it can affect it varies from scenario to scenario and game to game.

A good rule of thumb for DDR4 memory is to start with 2666MHz, which is often less expensive than 2133MHz.

Furthermore benchmarks on Ryzen based systems show that 2666MHz memory delivers a modest performance improvement over 2133MHz memory.

The performance gap is not substantially smaller when compared to faster memory kits. In 2022, the ideal amount of RAM for a gaming PC is expected to be 16 GB.

As we have already indicated in the article. If you can’t afford more RAM or would instead save your money for a higher GPU.

which is what you should aim for when gaming, then 8 GB should suffice. We hope this article helped you understand the why not only RAM is important for your games performance but other factors as well.

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