How To Install Liquid Cooling System (AIO CPU Cooler)

Have you ever wanted to install a liquid cooling system but been intimidated by the complicated process? One of the most important tasks for an individual to do is to keep their computer running at its optimum temperature. If you are not installing...

How To Apply Thermal Paste On CPU Or GPU

Do you have any idea why most of the people get a better performance when using paste and others don’t? Want to know how to apply thermal paste properly and get the best performance for your system? It is one of the most vital features of...

Can PS5 Support 144hz? Here Is All You Need To Know

Can PS5 Support 144hz? Now a days 144Hz monitors are getting more popular. They offer higher refresh rates and come in a variety of different sizes ranging from 27 inches to 60 inches. These features make them the perfect choice for gamers who want...

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