How To Build Gaming PC? Easy Guide To Get A Rig!

How To Build Gaming PC. A growing number of people are turning to games as a hobby. The number of console gamers is in danger of growing beyond the eight million marks.

Consoles offer an inexpensive way to play various titles and many genres at once. PCs currently offer cheaper ways to play.

The PC is also a great platform to play video games. There are various titles that you can play on your PC. Such as racing games, first person shooter games, and role playing games.

Whether you are an expert or beginner. You can build a gaming pc that will ensemble your tastes.

How To Build Gaming PC?

A real question when you are not a PC specialist. But here we are with the information you need to build a fierce gaming PC.

You can build a gaming pc from the scratches. Or you can buy cheap used computer parts that are in good technical condition.

Let us dive in to know the parts we need to build or upgrade your PC.

Casing To Build Gaming PC

Casing for gaming pc

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The first thing that comes to mind while building a pc is its casing. The casing is the first foundation that you must have in a gaming pc.

Like building a house without a foundation won’t lose forever same is the case with a gaming pc it will not work without a case forever.

A high end state of the art case gives you an edge to the performance as well the setting up different parts in the gaming pc. All you have to choose is a casing with the best design.

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Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU for gaming pc

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CPU is the most important thing. if you want to buy a computer that will give you the best performance of gaming.

It has to have processors that are not only powerful but also have fast speeds. Computer, tablets, or laptop speed is mainly dependent upon the latest CPU it carries.

The latest innovation had come up with some lighting fast CPU that ever had made in the previous history.

The i4 processor to the latest 11th generation processor had made humongous changes in the history of computers.

It is dependent upon you which and what type of CPU you need for your personal Gaming or normal computer.


Motherboard for gaming pc

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The motherboard is the main important part of a computer. The main thing that computers, laptops, mobile, or tablets are dependent on is their motherboard.

If your pc is carrying the state of the art latest motherboard. You can enjoy its lighting fast speed in any sort of work that you want to perform with it.

If you are a game lover that I would suggest some of the latest motherboards available In the market.

Memory (RAM)

RAM for gaming pc

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PCs are not the name of a single part/component. It is the combination of the different parts that makes a PC a good working PC.

RAM is also that one of the special parts that do important work along with the motherboard and CPU.

With time to time innovation lot of changes has made in RAM. From DDR1 technology to DDR5 lot has been changing in RAM.

DDR5 nanotechnology works super fast as compared to DDR3 or DDR1 tech. If you want to build a Lag-free PC then I would recommend the latest Technology RAM available in the market.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

GPU for gaming pc

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We know from its name Graphic card is totally dependent on resolution. The higher the graphic card higher will be the resolution.

GPU is mostly used by pro gamers. If you are a pro gamer and you want to build a pc especially for games then definitely you will need best gaming GPU.

Which will definitely cost you a lot in case of money. But it is a known fact that money has no value in case of fondness. State of the art latest GPU is nowadays available in the market.


SSD for gaming pc

Storage is also dependent upon your need if you play some high end graphic games. You will need a lot of storage to carry on.

For storage two technology is available one is HDD which a bit cheaper and slower. Other is SSD which is superfast and can cast you a kidney.

If you are looking for a normal pc. HDD will work but if you want a gaming pc then you will definitely need an SSD along with HDD.

Now the choice is your what you need and how you want your pc to perform.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Power supply for gaming pc

The power supply is the main source from which you convert high voltage energy to the required voltage.

For a normal pc, an almost 450 volt power supply would be enough but for a gamer. you would have to choose between 500 volt to 1200 volt power supply.

The voltage is mainly dependent on the number and types of components that your pc carries. Chose carefully.

System Cooling

Cooling system for gaming pc

Most of the pcs come with their own two built-in cooling fans. One present above the CPU and another one is pre-built in the case for cooling.

which is more than enough for a normal work routine pc that you are using. Gaming pc need some best state of the art cooling system.

The market is packed with tons of the latest state of the art colling systems available ever in history. From the liquid cooling system of normal cooling system price range varies.

If you are a game lover then you have to choose wisely according to the components you want to use in your gaming rig.

Higher and more electric consumer the component is the best latest liquid cooling system would you need. If you need a normal budget pc then you have to skip the cooling system.

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