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best pre built gaming pcs

Do you believe pre-built gaming PC could perform better as compare to building a PC?

Yes! I won’t say it is impossible, some branded ones offer the best specs and edge-level experience.

Pro gamers would never deny the fact that the flagship rig could make a difference. In all aspects as compared to other gaming devices. Why?

Because the latest upcoming AAA games would need a prebuilt gaming PC. Packed with the most cutting internal possibilities.

To get the most out of the pc games the cutting edge internal hardware would lead you the way. Yes for life proof if you want to upgrade the hardware PCs are easy with upgrades.

Sounds Cool?

Pre-built gaming pc is strongly recommended here. If they could be covered in your financial limits.

Best Gaming PC List

1 Asus ROG Strix GL
2 Corsair one i164
3 Alienware Area W51
4 iBUYPOWER Element MR
5 MSI MPG Trident AS
6 Alienware Aurora R11
8 CyberPower PC Gammer Xtreme
10 Lenovo Legion T730 Gaming PC

Best Gaming PCs Detailed Reviews


ROG Strix GL10DH Gaming Desktop PC, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD, Wi-Fi 5, Windows 10 Home

Power Supply 1000 W
Processor Intel Core i9-9th generation
GPU NVidia GeForce RTX 2080
Storage 512GB Nvme SSD and 2 TB HDD

Behold, here comes the best Gaming PC deals the beauty AUSUS ROG STRIX GL 12CX. Which has power performance, style.

It is a Gaming machine that could beat the heat of super fast gaming. Under 4000 dollars it has the 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor with all one liquid CPU cooler.

The processor has a high overclock speed strength to handle real core gaming.

It has NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU. This Gaming PC deals on pc would let your sparks on the peak. Experience incredible frame rates with realistic vision.

No dead pixels across the screen and fast-moving objects. In dark areas give rich gaming entertainment. The install RAM Memory is up to 32 GB DDR4.

It comes with 512 NVME m.2 SSD and more 2 TB HDD. This system is build with major upgrades in hardware.

Gaming PC deals

So opt to upgrade to the next level of gaming experience, finally with the Asus ROG Strix GL 12CX.

The Republic of gamers brings a bi-chamber airflow system on Strix. Now the improved cooling system would control the beat of the heat.

Get personalized options on RGB colors to customize it as per your taste. You would’ve LED lights in and outside the chassis that give fantastic looks.

Of course gaming controls with RGB mouse and keyboard are so easy. ASUS ROG STRIX GL 12CX is the best gaming pc for the money guys.

The price tag of $3700 would definitely hurt your pocket to bring you the super gaming experience.

The price rises with the hardware specs install on this pre-built gaming PC. Especially the graphics card and RAM would increase the cost if you upgrade it more.

Advantages Disadvantages
Customized LED Expensive one
Tight Interior Too much bloatware
Great Mouse and Keyboard

2. Corsair one i164 Gaming PC deals

CORSAIR ONE i160 Compact Gaming PC, i9-9900K, RTX 2080 Ti, 480GB M.2 SSD, 2TB HDD, 32GB DDR4, Windows 10 Home

Buy On Amazon

Processor Intel Core i9 – 9900k
Motherboard Z370 Mini- ITX
GPU NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 TI
Storage 960GB M.2 NVMe SSD 2TB HDD
Power Supply ORSAIR SF600, 80 plus Gol

High performance is what the most attention paid to Corsair One I164. If you are a money guy with financial freedom and $3500 is only a spoon of sugar for you to spend.

Go on! one of the best Gaming PC deals is Corsair. It brings the most powerful gaming PC rig with a designed chassis.

The 9th generation intel core i9 processor operates on data processing. For graphics you would get an Nvidia RTX 2080 TI graphics processor to support the gaming.

Such a cutting-edge hardware combination makes it a beast gaming machine.

The powerful graphic card and core i9 processor make a perfect combination. For any game that you want. Which will perform with perfect flow high resolution and high frame rate.

Most of the gaming pc heat up but this is not the case with corsair on i164 because of the panted liquid cooling system.

Remember a gaming system without cooling controls would affect your peace of mind and life.

Keep the financial factor in mind. Why? Because the PC with cutting edge combination would cost you more expenses.

Gaming PC deals

To find a great value pc or the ultimate gamer dream we searched for every price tag with specs and features.

CPU is cool with the single size radiator while NVidia GPU is a great choice. The radiator twice the size of the CPU.

This enables it to achieve high clock speed and lower the temperature. Which means you can enjoy the gameplay for a long time.

It also supports the three supporting displays and it also comes with VR support. It can also be custom designed due to its beautiful design case.

Best Gaming deal is Corsair one i164 is one of the best gaming pc I would like.

Advantages Disadvantages
Super gaming pc Very pricy
Compact design A single type-c port
Quiet operation
VR connection on the front

3. Alienware Area W51 (Threadripper edition)

Alienware Area 51 R5 (AW51R5-7412SLV-PUS) Intel i7-7800X 32GB Ram 2TB HHD with 512 GB SSD and 11 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Buy On Amazon

Processor AMD Ryzen Threadripper
GPU Dual AMD Radeon, GeForce GTX 1080 11GB GDDR6
Storage 2 TB HDD and 512 GB SSD
Power Supply 850W- 1500W

This is an amazing gaming pc that combines the convergence of power and beautiful design.

Alienware Area 51 could prove the unbeatable performance. with the AMD RYZEN Thread ripper processor install.

Which delivers high profile 4K resolution up to 16 core and 32 threads overclock CPU.

High class in gaming playback and fast speed on the latest premium hardcore gaming. I love the chassis of this gaming PC as it is attractive and cool in looks.

It is pre-built with 64 GB quad-core DDR4 RAM AND NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphic card. It also supports one M.2 drive and two U. 2 drives and three hard disk drives.

Area 51 best gaming pc machine that can support up to 6 drive SSD and HDD for the fastest storage available.

This pc is powere by 850 watts up to 1500 watt power supply. Alienware area 51 is the best gaming pc that would never let you down.

Gaming PC Deals

A deal of worth if you calculate the internal hardware with gaming-specific features. The AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper processing chip supported with 64GB DDR4 random access memory.

Without such a cutting-edge combination never imagine playing like a pro gamer. To help you cut through the most overwhelming options out there.

We have handpicked the best gaming pc in the market available. Which is based on price performance and features.

One could imaging the speed and performance. While looking at the cutting-edge combination on this gaming machine.

The above the dual AMD with support of incredible GeForce gaming PC graphics.

Advantages Disadvantages
Multithreaded gaming features Expensive price tag
Soft 4k display USB-C lacks Thunderbolt 3
Upgradable chassis
Cool and efficient

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4. iBUYPOWER Element MR

iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Element MR 9320 (Intel i7-10700F 2.9GHz, NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti 6GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Wi-Fi Ready, Windows 10 Home)

Buy On Amazon

Processor Intel i7-10700F 2.9GHz
RAM 16 GB DDR4 RAM 3200 MHz
Storage 1TB Nvme SSD and 2 TB HDD
Power Supply CORSAIR TX750M Gold 750 W

iBUYPOWER Element MR brings Gaming PC deals and elegance to your gaming desk. Intel i7-10700F 2.9GHz processor. 7th generation comes up with the support of a 4.8GHz max turbo.

Gaming performance is at its peak with the support of a high-quality hardware combination.

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti 6GB gaming GPU comes on Element MR with great display across the monitor.

Upgrades are also an open choice on any best gaming pc. Element MR has 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD, and NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GDDR6 Graphic Card.

The entire component is power by a 750 watt Power supply shielded by tempered glass RGB casing. You can connect it to the internet with a built-in wireless network.

It also comes with an RGB gaming keyboard and mouse. Seems to be a great gaming deal with the controlling accessories.

Gaming PC Deal

Especially accessories like TX750W power supply to light up the PC tower.

This gaming pc is no doubt a gaming beast. If you have saved money for the gaming craze then you should definitely get Element MR.

iBuypower element MR would bring more speed with a turbo 4.8GHz processing chip.

Besides CPU the mainboard is design to support the hardware onboard. It is gaming-specific to keep your performance on the top.

The beautiful multi-color lights across the partly transparent chassis tower give great look. A nice gaming pc in the normal price range.

Advantages Disadvantages
Productive and great gaming Poor QHD/UHD gaming
Affordable price tag Entery Level Gaming PC
Nice work on the casing
i7 processor with Max Turbo 4.8 GHz

5. MSI MPG Trident AS

MSI MPG Trident AS 10SC-1208US SFF Gaming Desktop, Intel Core i7-10700F, GeForce RTX 2060 Super, 16GB Memory, 1TB SSD, WiFi 6, USB Type-C, Windows 10 Home

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Processor Intel Core i7 10th Generation
Motherboard Intel Z370
RAM 16 GB DDR4 up to 64 GB
GPU 8 GB NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super
Storage 1 TB SSD

Money guys could afford the price tag to reach $3k. MSI Trident AS-10SC has a nice-looking chassis with a nice MSI dragon logo on the top.

Intel i7 processing chip could process all the data with ease and out class results. The 10th generation latest tech processor never lets you be stuck in the competition.

You would get a 40% boost in data rendering speed as compared to the predecessors in the same line.

The above the Intel motherboard outplay the competition with the support of upgrades. The ultra-high-resolution would amaze your gameplay.

The gaming GPU of 8 GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 super pushes best Gaming PC deals. the pixels to the edge in the streaming of fast-moving objects.

Gaming PC Deal

No blur images and no sign of pixels distraction at all due to the strong support of graphics hardware.

In some cases, the screen could be a blur due to the graphics quality of the gaming monitor. So, you should also consider your monitor graphics to ensure great results.

MSI Trident is design to bring hardcore gaming entertainment to the guys with gaming craze.

The cooling system for heat control is designed with separated airflow chambers.

Optimized airflow is powered by the cooling fans on the back end. Play for hours without breaking a sweat on missionary games.

You would also have mystic lights with personalized customization options. The LED effects are charming and attractive besides hardcore performance.

Advantages Disadvantages
VR ready gaming PC Restricted upgrades casing
A sleek design like console
Cool and quiet operations
Bundles of ports

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6. Alienware Aurora R11

New Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop, Intel i7-10700KF, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB GDDR6, 512GB SSD + 1TB SATA HDD, 16GB DDR4 XMP, Windows 10 Home

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Processor Intel Core i7 10th Generation
Motherboard Micro-ATX with Intel Z490 chipset
GPU 10 GB GeForce RTX 3080 GDDR6X
Storage 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD Plus 1TB HDD
Power Supply 1000 watt

The first product that we had found out about is Alien ware aurora R11. It is one of the best gaming PC under 3000 dollars.

Aurora R11 is designed and also crammed with the power you will need to handle AA and AAA games.

When it comes to design then alien ware aurora R11 opts for the most shuttle approach. If you like the simple and best gaming pc case and design then you will love the R11.

There is a single hoop of light at the front and the light-up logo only flourishes on the display.

Its beautiful design frame not only allows better airflow but at the same time creates an eye-catching statement piece.

Gaming PC Deal

The aurora R11 is powered by a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor plus NVidia GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X.

At high resolution, the R11 manages high frame rates per second. In terms of everyday computing, the Aurora R11 handles like a dream.

You can handle quality game download and can perform marvelously, while handling other tasks at the same time, having storage 512 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD.

One can also perform upgrades and connect peripherals with ease because of the beautiful design case.

Advantages Disadvantages
Cutting edge component Expensive gaming pc
GeForce RTX 3080 GDDR6X Plastic chassis with conservative setup
Micro-ATX with Intel Z490 chipset

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Omen by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer, Intel Core i9-9900K Processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB, HyperX 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, VR Ready, Windows 10 Home

Buy On Amazon

Motherboard Micro-ATX with Intel Z490 chipset
Processor Intel Core i9 10th Generation
RAM DDR4 16 GB upgradable to 64 GB
GPU 8 GB GDDR6X GeForce RTX 3070
Storage 512GB WD Black PCIe NVMe SSD Plus 2TB SATA
Power Supply 750 watt Platinum

This is my next choice for Gaming PC deals under 2000 dollars.

If you are looking for a top of the line gaming rig that can be upgraded and perform.

Better in every aspect which offers seamless lag-free performance. HP OMEM OBELISK is the best choice.

Due to its limited dimensions, it can adjust on your desk pretty easily. A full length tempered glass window makes up the left panel. you can see the LED light inside.

The Omen Obelisk has a power full core i9 processor. It handles high resolution games. such as fortnight, Call of Duty, and PUBG.

Gaming PC Deal

It can also achieve 60 frames per second in 4k resolution gaming. HP Omen Obelisk poses 1TB SSD storage, plus 32 GB of Ram and NVidia GeForce RTX 3070.

Due to its high graphic cards, it can handle high-resolution games. Due to which one can enjoy real-time gaming with high resolution and speed.

You can also scale up your gaming by making it more immersive. By adding the second and 3rd screens due to omen triple display support.

If you can afford it then there is no better option than HP OMEN OBELISK.

Advantages Disadvantages
Fantastic design Pricy
High-quality chassis
4k ready gaming

8. CyberPower PC Gammer Xtreme

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC, Intel Core i5-9400F 2.9GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB, 8GB DDR4, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home

Buy On Amazon

Processor Intel Core i5
Motherboard B460 M Chipset
GPU NVidia GeForce GTX 1660
Storage 512GB SSD
Power Supply 600 W

A beginner-level gaming pc that could get fast performance in your acquired budget. For gamers with tight financial conditions, it would be the right pick.

CyberPower Extreme could get you done the progress in all tasks you provide it to do. It will bring a ninth-generation 6-core processor to get you strong performance.

When there is a low-cost option to get a best gaming pc why should you get an expensive one? No way in tight budget conditions!

Cyberpower XTREME is under $1500 best Gaming PC deals with Intel Core i5 processor plus NVidia GeForce GTX 1660.

It is adequate and performs well in most of the games. such as GTA 5, FORTNITE, and the list goes on.

Gaming is what the expectation and excitement keep on top. You would not feel down in the said budget.

Gaming PC Deal

Even you would have the option to extend the RAM from 8GB to 16GB to get more speed.

A balanced pc on the budget to get great gaming entertainment. It can also run a PUBG game but at low resolution with no issue.

If you upgrade the graphics card to 2060 it would get you the perfect results.

With PCs, it is easy to upgrade with some extra capacity hardware. Like Aurora R9 the cyber power pc comes with two option combinations having SSD 240 GB and HDD 1TB.

You can upgrade the cyber power gaming pc in storage capacity by extending the hard disk size.

To support all the aforementioned accessories. The mainboard B460 M Chipset on Cyberpower would not let you down.

Advantages Disadvantages
UHD graphics Overclock heating
Better gaming partner Not Best For all Games
Fast configurations

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Dell G5 Gaming Desktop, Intel Core i7- 9700, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB GDDR5, 512GB SSD Storage, 8GB RAM, i5090-7173GRY-PUS

Buy On Amazon

Processor Intel Core i7-9700
Motherboard Mini-ATX
GPU NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 8GB GDDR6
Storage 512GB SSD
Power Supply 500 W

Dell G5 desktop could bring you rich entertainment and gaming fun. A realistic gaming experience in your allocated finances with rugged chassis are the main features of G5.

In support of a compact micro ATX body, Dell G5 is similar to HP Omen Obelisk.

The body could fit on your gaming desk due to its small size and compact design.

Besides the body, the internal hardware consists of a 500W power supply and a combination of other essential components.

The LED illumination on the face of the chassis looks great. It also has a side glass panel on one side but it is not full length having a black frame around it.

An Intel Core i7 processor could run AA and AAA games without lag and distraction.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 is install on this pc. As compared to Nvidia RTX 2080 the graphics are not on the downside.

Gaming PC Deal

But you can upgrade it later, for now, it would get you the gaming performance you want.

looking forward to the storage capacity of the Dell G5 gaming PC. It has both the options for SSD and HDD building perfect combination.

On this pc, you would get a 512 GB SSD and 16 GB memory. which is more than enough for most of the games.

But, if you are not happy with the existing hardware is easy to upgrade your required pc.

From graphics card to storage capacity and SSD to RAM. whatever you have the budget to upgrade and information.

Go on! get Dell G5 to the level you want to see it. It is a great choice of gaming pc for beginners.

Advantages Disadvantages
Full HD 60fps gaming Geometric front panel is not generic
Icredible processing speed Low on storage capacity
Nice LEd-lit side window
High value destop computer

10. Lenovo Legion T730 Gaming PC

Lenovo Legion T730-28ICO 90JF00A4US Gaming Desktop Computer - Core i9 i9-9900K - 32 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD - 512 GB SSD - Tower - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8 GB

Buy On Amazon

Processor Intel Core i7 9th Generation
Motherboard Micro-ATX
GPU NVidia GeForce RTX 2080
Storage 1 TB PCLE SSD and 1 TB HDD
Power Supply 500-watt

Gaming pcs are so expensive today, if you want a real rig it would cost you a kidney. But the normal price range pcs could also perform well on some of the super hardcore games.

Lenovo Legion T730 best Gaming PC deals. It is build with the 9th generation of super fast multi core Intel processor build on a micro ATX.

Motherboard having NVidia RTX 2080 Graphics card. one can enjoy High-resolution games with clarity like no other.

This pc has 1 TB PCLE SSD and 1 TB HDD. It comes with a 500-watt power supply that supplies enough power to all power handle specs.

If you are looking for a less budget gaming pc with no extra modification. The Lenovo legion T730 is the best choice.\

Gaming PC Deals

Keep in mind you can also modify some extra specs and from time to time depending upon your taste.

It could also give you the space to upgrade it and to the level where you want it standing.

I am impressed with the RTX 2080 graphics card by Nvidia. As the mainboard didn’t get high end high resolution lag free graphics with a smooth flow.

It is the graphics card that makes it possible to play online games. With heavy data flow and games install on the storage of PC.

You would love the way it handles the dark areas with fast moving objects. No distraction at all across the monitor screen. Even during long sessions while using best gaming pc.

Advantages Disadvantages
Great and affordable price Overclocked options make it heated
1080p strong gaming Few memory slots
Sound-free operations
Bright RGB LED lighting

What You Actually Need In A Best Gaming PC?

You could find a PC that gives a good performance on normal games. When it comes to hardcore gaming you would definitely ask. what could be the best gaming PC that never let you down.

We are bringing the lightning performance desktops that would never let you down. What makes a best gaming PC?

To answer let’s dive deep to dig out. what hardware combination you would need to get a cutting-edge powerful gaming machine.

Everyday fast computing depends upon three components. The motherboard, CPU, and RAM but the gaming PC. All these is also dependent upon GPU and cooling system.

A high class graphics card with high resolution and high frame rates could stand out. the best gaming PC graphics in playback sessions. High power processor has a higher clock speed.

Clock speed is the rate at which a processor can complete a processing cycle. In the case of GPU, most top contenders are NVidia and AMD.

Gaming PC Graphics Or GPU

Do you believe without a gaming Graphic card you could be able to get the desired performance? A big NO!

Nowadays AA and AAA gaming demand need state of the art high profile GPU. Higher the graphics card high will be the best gaming pc performance with high frame rates.

Most companions can’t afford high graphic cards due to high expenses. Now a day’s market is full of tons of graphics cards from low to high price tags.

Both NVidia and AMD are market competitors. if you are not a blogger or you have nothing to do with rendering. then our preference for gamers is AMD which is cheap in price.

As it is built for best gaming pc while with NVidia you can do both rendering and high-performance gaming.


Do you know ‘why Motherboard is call motherboard. well it is the main circuit board in the computer?

It plays like the backbone of the computer and supports all the data processing. Without a motherboard, computers have no function. It is called the heart of the computer.

For the motherboard, the most common form factor ATX. You would find different types of ATX is known as micro ATX, mini ATX.

A smaller form factor is ITX which comes in mini ITX, micro ITX, and Pico ITX.

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The computer from origin comes with three main components (CPU, Monitor, Keyboard). CPU is the main component to shelter all the internal hardware.

It processes the data flow and gets you the image on the screen.

The history of the first-ever invented computer CPU in March 1971. It started with cutting edge silicon technology.

Evolution in technology not only reduced the size of the computer but also changed a lot.

Technological progress has no doubt continue to change. The way that we live work, and survive, same in Computer technology. lot of changes has occure.

From Pentium 4 computers CPU to core i11 with 11th generation, and still, the changes going on.

Advancement has done in technology chipset used in CPU to get the fastest data processing.

In 2000 the first Pentium 4 computer was invented by Intel in which a single-core processor. it was originally based on code named Willamette.


It was a computer that was only used for office work. The same processors were use in desktops and laptops until late 2000.

Where the technology evolved and created a generation of Hexa-core processors.

In short, if you have a processor with a high score you will enjoy the hardcore performance. The higher the CPU higher will be the clock speed.

A high performance CPU will need a higher GPU to match. Though the combination could cost you a kidney.

Now the variety of brands could be considered as a budgetary solution. when you are in a tight budget situation.

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Gaming Mouse/Keyboard

The mouse and keyboard do not affect the gaming performance. To control the games on real playback you would need accessories like a keyboard and mouse.

RGB lights, gaming keyboard, and gaming mouse. It will definitely make a perfect combination with your RGB-built PC.

If everything is gaming then why should be the controls without gaming features?

Casing Or Chassis

Do you know in the case of personality building. what matters the most is your outer look. which includes shoes, Dress, and the affability and manner?

The same is the case with computers. For gaming computers case matters.

If you have state of the art casing then you will be able to do a lot of up gradation for future. It will also enjoy the gaming performance without the risk of overheating.

Most companies do prefer the state of an art gaming casing design. better the design better would be the performance.

Cooling Fan System

To cool the system fans are use to expel heated air from GPU and CPU. The outer side and draw cooler air into the case. From outside to maintain the required temperature.

A lot of cooling system has been invented so far. Nowadays instead of fans state an art liquid cooling system is designed to generate as little heat as possible.

Best Gaming PC Deals


There was a time when the computer was everyone’s dream. But the technological revolution changed the era completely.

Now even kids have their own computing peripherals by getting Gaming PC deals.

Not only gaming every single task has its own kind of PC and other devices. Expensive Gaming PCs with high-end possibilities are not rare now.

You can find computers exactly according to your requirements.

This post contributes to finding you the best gaming PC. with cutting edge internal hardware that could support you on any virtual battlefield.

That’s all on this post Gaming PC deals for now on ReviewRig. We would appreciate your suggestions and recommendations.

Feel free to reach us with your opinion on our contact us page or comments section.

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  1. ROG Strix GA15DH is the best gaming PC that I would always prefer over the iBuyPower Revolt 2 9330 because it s only a few bucks expensive than the Revolt 2 9330 and still offers a better design and components. Speaking of the design the ROG Strix GA15DH comes with the glass side panels case alongside the better ergonomics on the front panel. The RGB strip on the front makes a lot of difference in the beauty of this beast. Let s find out more about the ROG Strix GA15DH.

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