Best Cheap Gaming PC for Pro Gamers

best cheap gaming pc for pro gamers

Reviewrig’s recipe for the best cheap gaming PC for the professional gaming experience with high-end possibilities.

When it comes to best gaming PCs, the thing about them is that they will be costly if you want potent components. But you need expensive and high-grade components for gaming.

That is one reason why it is so tricky to find the best-prebuilt gaming pc Reddit. Did you know that you are paying a higher price when you are getting your hands on a PC for the first time?

That’s the reason we suggest getting the cheapest gaming PC whenever you plan to purchase one from the market.

By doing this, you will be saving on the price tag and getting yourself a cutting as a machine that will be a monster with high-specs for you!

Did you know that it is possible to get your hands on a proper gaming rig that is below $1000?

Your worries about finding out the best gaming equipment are cheap and here because we bring you the best cheap gaming PC deals!

Sounds cool?

Without investing in such a cutting-edge machine, you can’t even imagine playing like a professional gamer!

There are so many options that can overwhelm you out there, and you might end up getting confused on which best gaming PC to buy in cheap.

I want to help you out, and that is why we have handpicked the cheap gaming PC that is available in the market based on the performance and the price.

We will keep the features in mind to bring you an ultimate guide. This ultimate guide is a gamer’s dream when searching for their favorite gaming machine within a specific price tag!

Best Cheap Gaming PC – The superpower package

1. MSI Aegis R Tower PC
2. Dell Inspiron PC
3. Acer Aspire TC885
4. HP Pavillion TP01
5. Cyberpower Gamer Xtreme
6. iBuypower Pro

What Do You Require In A Cheap Gaming PC?

Nowadays, prebuilt PCS are cheaper as compared to customized ones. The reason behind this is CPU’s still holding their value, and other parts like RAM and SSD prices dropping.

Are you looking for the best cheap gaming PC?

Go for a prebuilt one rather than customizing your own! Birthday is one thing that you need to keep in your mind while purchasing a prebuilt PC for gaming, though. The savings will be reflected a bit slower.

That’s why you have to be careful not to buy something that is not worth your money for the best gaming experience.

Pro gamers want nothing but the best gaming experience by getting their hands on the minimal price tag gaming equipment possible.

So, no more for you because all the details that we have collected below for you will be set according to the price tag and performance.

Oh, and we have mentioned the pros and cons of all the cheap gaming PCs, so stay tuned!

The possibilities for a cheap gaming PC are pretty rare because gaming PC equipment is usually higher and advanced with a larger SSD card and RAM.

And let’s be honest that an SSD card does not come for cheap, and you have to pay more than the device sometimes.

When it comes to finding the best budget PC that is also a cheap gaming PC with cutting-edge internal hardware, it is undoubtedly a battlefield out there to find the best machine.

You do not have to worry about this because we have listed above all the high-end gaming monsters that will provide you with an optimal gaming experience within the price tag you can easily afford!

A Must-Have Feature For Gaming PC

When you are out there looking for a cheap gaming PC, it is evident that you will have to sacrifice some of the features because you are on a budget.

Do you want to offer as little as possible but still get your hands on the best cheap gaming PC?

Say no more because we will bring you the cutting edge list feet high and performance gaming machines. There is one feature that you can never compromise when you are looking for a gaming pc, though.

Is it possible to get a gaming PC without a graphic card with fast performance?

Absolutely Not!

There is no gaming PC out there that will give you a smooth gaming experience without any lag without having a high-performance graphic card installed.

So even if you are out there on the venture for finding the cheap gaming PC available in the market, you still cannot compromise when it comes to the quality of the graphic card.

You will only achieve smoothness and a lag-free gaming experience if you have a high and graphic profile GPU card installed on your PC! AMD and Nvidia are competitors of the market when it comes to GPU cards.

When looking for a cheap gaming PC, you should go with an AMD graphics card because they are more affordable than Nvidia.

AMD graphics card will be the best option for you because it has been specially built for gaming PCs! What more do you want? The AMD GPU is fulfilling your purpose of high-performance gaming and a cheap PC!

6 Cheap Gaming PC Every Pro Gamer Should Have

1. MSI Aegis R Tower PC

Cheap Gaming pc
CPUIntel Core i7-10700 CPU
GPUNividia Geforce RTX 3060

Buy On Amazon

What would you do if you got to know that you can get the best budget gaming PC for under $1800?

You should get your hands on this one that we are going to talk about because it is going to give you a solid 1080 p 1440 p gaming device! And the best part is that it will be supported with the oculus rift.

So, if you want to discover the world of virtual reality gaming out there, it is going to meet all the requirements so that you can run an oculus rift or HTC Vive seamlessly.

This $1729 gaming device is going to bring you a lot of features because of the Intel Core i7-10700 CPU, 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 12G GDDR6 Video Card.

You can easily and seamlessly play almost all of the games by getting a 1440 p 60-hertz monitor at high settings with a decent frame rate. It is a budget gaming PC under $1800 that can easily handle 1080 p gaming well.

If you end up paying for this amazing device with the cheap 144 Hz gaming monitor then you will get the best gameplay PC for PUBG, Fortnite, and other highly recreational games available in the market.

Gaming fun and entertainment on your desk would become double as the PC would get you the best performance with all the features you want from a gaming pc with expensive costs.

Advantages Disadvantages
Bundles of featuresNot for you if you don’t have a budget of $1800
Great video card

2. Dell Inspiron PC

best cheap gaming pc
CPUIntel Core I5-8400
Storage1 TB

Buy On Amazon

You might see a lot of people around you who keep gloating about their $4,000 water-cooled system that delivers them an incredible frame rate while playing their favorite game.

It must be fun and games for those people who have got budget but if you are looking for a new budget gaming machine that will give you a great gaming experience for less than $500, then this is the cheap gaming PC that you are looking for.

You can easily achieve all the high-end gaming experiences and you do not even need to go out there and purchase a super expensive and luxurious water-cooled system was mode gaming without any lag!

This cheap gaming PC is going to equip you with an Intel Core i5 CPU along with an intel built-in graphic card. Are you thinking that you cannot achieve these switches and less than $500 nowadays?

Well, the truth is that you can achieve these features for playing your favorite games at such a price now.

However, you will not be able to enjoy a 4K level gaming system but it is still a super cool gaming experience for you without making you think like you are playing on a budget PC.

Are you also interested in virtual reality supported with oculus rift? Achieving that is doable with this gaming setup for playing your favorite games seamlessly!

Game experience without any lagCore I5 is not the latest option
Budget gaming PC

3. Acer Aspire TC885

cheap desktop
CPUIntel Core-I5- 8400 F
GPUIntel UHD 630
Storage2 TB 7200 Rpm SATA

Buy On Amazon

Do you think that with all the advancements available in the range of PCs, it is not possible to get a PC under $600?

You might want to rethink your statement because it is possible to get the best budget gaming PC for under 600 dollars nowadays.

If you have got $529 in your hands then you can get a very solid gaming machine and get a smooth experience while enjoying your favorite games.

All you will need is a 1080 P monitor and a system that can handle most of the games.

Although it is not recommended for you to run this PC with a 1440 P monitor because it will not give you a lag-free experience with this setup!

Although you are looking for a PC to play all the popular games like PUBG, this PC shall do that for you easily!

Thanks to the Intel Core i5 8400 CPU, it will be capable of running most of the games that you love playing. But there is one thing that you can add to this setup, though.

Do you know what that is? That would be an NVidia GTX 1660 graphics card instead of the RX 5500 XT one for better performance of your PC while gaming!

It will be a good external addition to this PC because it does not already have a graphic card.

NVidia Graphic card Lower RAM
8th Generation

4. HP Pavillion TP01 Gaming PC

cheap gaming desktop
CPUAMD Ryzen 7 3700X
GPUAMD Radeon RX 550
StorageHDD 256 GB

Buy On Amazon

Now, this is the ultimate gaming PC that we can recall a budget gaming PC because it is under $500! Who would have thought that this could be possible to achieve such a gaming experience at such a low price?

Well, we have made it possible for you because we have brought you all the specs that you can indulge in your next gaming monster device so you can enjoy your favorite games without any lag, because who doesn’t want to?

Now let’s have a look at the things you need to equip your gaming PC with to achieve such an experience!

The AMD Ryzen 7 3700Xprocessor along with AMD Radeon RX 550/2GB graphics card is what you should thank for bringing you an ultimate gaming experience at such a low price.

Although you might have to compromise when it comes to the RAM factor with 8GB of DDR4 RAM but you can always max it out whenever you want for smoother gameplay.

The best part about the setup is that it will equip you with the 256GB PCIe SSD card. You will have to equip your $700 killing gaming PC with a 1080 P monitor and then you are good to go to play all your favorite games at such a low price!

Are you looking forward to getting into PC gaming and you want to switch from your console? Then this is the absolute affordable gaming PC for you in general.

Advantages Disadvantages
The graphic card is amazingLower Storage
Best Performance

5. Cyberpower Gamer Xtreme Ultra-Gaming PC!

best cheap gaming pc
GPUNVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 4GB
StoragePCI-E 500 GB

Buy On Amazon

If you go out there and get your PC made from a computer is somewhere other than they are going to charge you triple for that.

We mean who wants to be a triple amount when you can get your Ultra budget gaming PC in just $691?

If you are a gamer who does not care for the fancy water cooling systems and RGB lights then this is a PC that you should get for having a great gaming experience with smooth gameplay.

Showing off is not everyone’s cup of tea and this is the right gaming PC for you if you want internal specs that are good enough to run your favorite games on your PC!

It will not only give you a good experience but also amazing graphics so that you can enjoy some of the most popular games that are available in the market nowadays such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Dota 2.

You can easily run all of your favorite games in a higher setting that is 1080 P resolution in your budget gaming PC under $691! Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Thanks to the Intel Core i3-10105F with an 8GB DDR4 memory that you would now be able to enjoy your favorite games with this graphic monster device!

It is not only a budget-friendly gaming PC for you but it also has a lot of room in the case so you can make upgrades whenever you want in the future!

Overall good gaming experienceThe graphic card could have been better
10th Generation

6. iBuypower Pro Beginner Gaming PC

best cheap gaming desktop
Storage240 GB

Buy On Amazon

Let’s be honest that it is not easy to game for students out there who have a low budget when it comes to gaming. But who said that the students cannot enjoy their favorite games when they head back home from school?

If you are just getting into PC gaming and your family rising yourself with all the specs then this is the entry-level gaming computer for you for just $650.

AMD Ryzen 3 will equip you with all the necessary equipment to have a decent powerful budget gaming PC that will give you are decent gameplay so that you can enjoy most of the games nowadays.

It comprises a Ryzen 5 3600 integrated graphics card along with 8GB RAM! AMD Ryzen 3 is a PC quite decent and will not strip you off of all your cash!

Moving forward! compare this one with the predecessors you would find a visible upgrade on this one. As the graphics would never let you down on some of the hardcore latest AAA games like God of war and tomb raider’s latest version.

It brings a pro gaming experience with strong specifications. Hardware support is a must thing to ensure performance and reliability.

Processor is greatlower Storage
Good for entry level gamers


Gaming PC will always stay in demand because pro gamers are always looking for the best machines to enhance their gaming experience.

Gaming is not something that can be taken lightly by gaming enthusiasts, and there is a whole new world out there when it comes to building and purchasing prebuilt gaming PCs.

The only challenging task for finding a gaming PC with high tech performance in a budget is the price tag range and budget.

Technology is evolving every day, and more and more devices are getting available in the market at very affordable prices.

You need to keep an eye out for what is getting less expensive so you can get your hands on those devices before they run out of stock.

Is it not possible for you to keep track of all that data by yourself because you are busy gaming?

Say no more!

Because we are here to help you out in this regard and we genuinely want to deliver all the accurate information. Also the data to you regarding the best cheap gaming PC out there.

Gone is when gaming PC with higher and possibilities used to be there because that era is gone forever! When you purchase a gaming pc, it is vital to recognize a category for every PC task out there.

That’s all on this post for now, and we would love to hear your opinions and view. so what you think about it. You can always feel free to contact us and share your opinion matters in the comments section!


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