AMD Radeon r9 390x,Radeon R9 380X, Radeon R9 290 And R9 280

AMDAMD Radeon R9 390x.AMD is considered one of the best company established in May 1st 1969 almost 53 year ago.

It is multinational semiconductor company which develop computers processor and state of the art graphic cards GPUs. The head office of Advanced Micro Devices is located in Santa Clara America. While at the beginning it only manufacture its own processor.

For gaming world there is no doubt they have produced some of the best video card which perform like beast. You can easily run AA and AAA games with high graphic and FPS rate.

There graphic card are also cheap as compared to other company GPUs like Intel. You can get best of the best graphic card without costing you a kidney. In short AMD is gamer first love.

Now lets look at some of the finest best of the best GPUs that gamers have always been searching for their pc. All the specs and the model has been reviewed and has been compared in one table only to make it sample for layman.
Here is the list that we have compared and reviewed. Let’s have look

AMD Radeon R9 390x

amd radeon r9 390x is the third variant released on June 18th of 2015. It is almost the same is amd radeon r9 380x. The main difference is that it is having 438 mm² and the transistors is 6,200 million.

AMD Radeon R9 390X

Having Upgraded memory of 8 GB GDDR5 memory, the amd radeon r9 390x look great as compared to some other variant of AMD. This card can be operated at the frequency of 1050 MHZ.

The total power that it require is 275 W. this card has built in HDMI, 2X DVI , a display port and PCI-Express 3.0 x16. If you are looking for best graphic card with medium budget then there is no perfect match for this amd radeon r9 390x.

AMD R9 380x

The second one which people search and ask about mostly is amd radeon r9 380x . Well it was launched on Nov 19 of 2015. The technology that it is based on is Antigua graphics and it is the XT variant of Antigua graphics. Now let’s talk about it die area. Well having 366nm of die area it consist of 5000 million transistor.

R9 380X

If we compare amd radeon r9 380x with amd radeon r9 m290x we will find that amd radeon r9 380x is better. It has 4 GB of DDR5 memory. Having dual slot and 2x 6-pin power connectors it almost need 190 W of power.

It has display port 1.2, HDMI, 2x DVI and PCI-Express 3.0 x16 through which it is connected to the system. Best part is that it feature dual slot for cooling solution. By the time it was launched its price was 229 US dollar.

AMD R9 m290x

The beauty amd radeon r9 m290x was released in Jan 9th of 2014. It was only made for mobile built by the AMD. It is a Neptune GPU built on 28nm. Well the best part of Neptune built is that it support Direct X 12.

R9 290

The Die are of this chip is 212 mm2 having 2800 million transistor. If we talk about the shading unit, Mapping units and ROPs then it feature 1280 shading, 80 texture, and 32 ROPs.

It operate at the frequency of 850 MHZ and it can be easily boosted up to 900 MHZ. 100w power is required to run. The amd radeon r9 295×2 is connected through PCI-Express 3.0 x16 to the system. If you want to buy it for sure it won’t cost you too much.

AMD Radeon R9 285

When technology was on boost and gaming world was demanding new tech for AA and AAA games. AMD was doing its best the beat the demand also compete with rest of the of tech company. On Sep 2nd of 2014 amd launch amd radeon r9 285 for the gamers. This graphic card was based on Tonga technology with 28 nm of process.

AMD Radeon R9 285

The Tonga variant can also support the Direct X 12 which is one of the basic need of high end gaming. This graphic card hass 32 ROPs, 112 texture and 1792 shading unit. It can only be operated at frequency of 918 MHZ .Minimum of 190 W of power is required. It include HDMI, 2X DVI, and 1 display port. You can easily run games with low graphic setting.

AMD Radeon R9 280

This graphic card AMD Radeon r9 280 was released on March 14th of 2014. Having 352mm2 die size and based on Tahiti graphics comprise of 4313 million of transistor. The PRO 3 variant this card can support Direct X 12. This graphic card has only 1792 shading unit, 32 ROPs and 112 mapping unit.

AMD Radeon R9 280

Maximum of 200 W of power is required. This GPU can be boosted up to 933 MHZ with having normal speed of 827 MHZ. it has two HDMI, 1 DVI and one display port. It connect through PCI-Express 3.0 x16 with whole system. This Graphic card is old now but for most of the gamer it is still ray of hope. Gamers love to buy it due to its low price and better performance. This graphic card can only run games with medium setting.

AMD Radeon R9 M275

In year 2014 amd has released different variant of GPUs in which one of them was AMD Radeon R9 M275. This GPU was based on Venus graphic tech. The XTX variant can support Direct X 12. This graphic card consist of 1500 million of transistor and having 123 mm2 of die area. With 40 mapping unit, 16 ROPs and shading unit it is one of the best graphic card for entry level gamer. It can easily run different games with low setting.


Amd is one of the best company it produced some of the best quality of graphic card for games. In 2014 amd had launched some of best quality of graphic card of that time. The bucket list include amd radeon r9 380x and amd radeon r9 390x. These were some of the best graphic card of that time. Gamer still use it today and is one of their favorite.

Mostly graphic card is needed to run games with high FPS and high graphic setting. The amd radeon r9 390x variant is one of the best for AA and AAA games but still it has some flaws. Entry level gamer has no issue using this card. Those who want a perfect graphic card with minimum budget then I will suggest amd radeon r9 390x. Hope that help. Thanks

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