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27 Acer xz271u Gaming Monitor Review

27 acer xz271u. Hard core gamers love to play games at high frame rate. They love to play high end AAA games like call of duty, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Horizon Forbidden West and many more. They have set their pc at high setting that no other can beat. Once they acquired their high end gaming pc there lost choice is gaming monitor.

Market is full of tons of gaming monitor. Gamers get confused what to buy and what not. Don’t worry we have got your back. We have reviewed some of the best options available in the market. One of them is 27 acer xz271u.

27 Acer xz271u

If we talk about acer xz271 it is one of the best suitable curved monitor. It has one of the best viewing angel and have some best color contrast then other like TN. This monitor has display port to work with Graphic card Like NVIDIA.

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cer xz271u is known for it its extremely fast FPS and the best part is it support 144 Hz which can help in smoother game play. With xz271u You can easily play high quality AA and AA games with higher frame rate without any lag. The total lag input of 7 ms only, 27 acer xz271u has excellent contrast ratio of 3000:1.

If we talk about its pixel density the xz271u has best pixel density of 109 pixel per inch. er xz271u also ensure effective synchronization with average score of 6 ms. If we talk about the graphic color then cer xz271u at that price range has no competitor.

acer xz271u offer high graphic quality with more accurate color and smooth gradient. The monitor brightness of 27 acer xz271u is not much as compare to other. In my opinion 27 acer xz271u monitor is beast in term of performance, contrast ratio, frame per second and for more accurate color.

What To Look In A Gaming Monitor?

Well there are some certain option that you must check before you buy a monitor. You have to check Display, Performance, Design and feature.

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Panel Display Tech 27 acer xz271u

First you have to decide what kind of panel do I need. There are there types each and every one has some pros and cons. The list is TN, VA and IPS. If we talk about TN it is the fastest one with low response time and highest refresh rate. With low input lag it has minimal motion blur. VA is known for its best contrast and the IPS has faster response rate as compared to other


Size also matter. The pixel has very great impact on size our choice is 109 pixel per inch. If you ever want to buy best monitor then monitor with 109 pixel per inch is best choice.

Refresh Rates

Refresh rates also matter which tell how many time does you monitor refresh per second which is measured in Hz. If you have higher number monitor like acer xz271u then you will get better result with less irregular images. Gamer would need higher Hz monitor like acer xz271 for better gaming result. For normal use lower 60 Hz monitor would do there is no need of 27 acer xz271u.

Response Time

Response time also matter it tell you the time it take for changing pixel from black to white. if it take longer time then you would see blurry picture if you play high end games or fast movie. If we consider monitor for gaming then the response time should be 5 ms or not more than 7 ms. The er xz271u has average of 6 ms.

Curved Monitor

Curved shape monitor increase your eyes viewing on larger area and save you from eye straining. Mostly curved monitor are very expensive and ultra-wide almost 30 inches. A monitor with 1800 mm radious has an 1800R curvature which have best maximum distance of 1.8 meter. So what you looking for go and buy this beast and enjoy the games with having this 27 acer xz271u monitor.


There is no doubt that market is full of option but for a guy who don’t want to spend more and get the best monitor then 27 acer xz271u is one of the best option. Acer has been in this field for long time. They have built and improved their technology from time to time. With low budget you wont find monitor like acer xz271. Hope that help. Thanks

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